What is Stairway To Video All About?

What this Blog is (hopefully) going to be about:

MOVING FORWARD….that’s what I want this Blog to be about. If we don’t Move Forward, where are we going? Well, we are either standing still or going backward.

I want us to be Moving Forward by getting better and better with Video Editing. Moving Forward by eventually being able to make your own movie, whether it be a family gathering, wedding, graduation….or a full blown mini-movie. That’s what I want for all of us.

The dream of all of us ( those that love the technical end of Digital SLR Cameras, Video Cameras, Video Editing Software and computers) is to be in command of our photo and video equipment. To be able to use those digital files, pull them into some sort of editing software and show them (in an organized, enjoyable film-like way) to others. And, if we’ve done our job, have that audience laugh during the fun part and cry during the sad part…all the time keeping their interest. It really is about storytelling….plain and simple.

You may say, “Well, I’m not very good at telling a story.” Admittedly, some people are better than others when it comes to storytelling. In fact, some really have a gift to keep people spell-bound while telling a story. But, storytelling can be learned. You can get better with every story you tell. When you become good at storytelling the whole world looks different. Places you go make you think of how you could incorporate that “scene” into a part of your movie. The angle that you would shoot it with your camera takes over your mind. The way the light streams through the branches of a tree gets you all excited…scrambling for a pen to write down your “great idea” on paper before you forget about it!

Really, that’s how life should be. We should be paying attention to all of the small details that we usually miss as life passes by. A beautiful sunrise. A magnificent sunset. The shadows that buildings cast on a really bright day. The fact that sometimes we take better pictures at certain times of the day (called the “Golden Hour”). That little glimmer of light in our loved one’s eyes (called a “catch light”).

Remember, that’s how we saw things as a kid. We paid attention to all the small stuff. Didn’t life seem exciting then? Didn’t we love it when someone we respected told us a story? Hopefully, we will get back some of that youthful excitement as we look at all of these things to make good video.

We will touch upon editing with some basic tools like: Sony Vegas Movie Studio, Adobe Premiere Elements, Adobe Photoshop Elements, Camtasia screen casting software, Green Screening and more. We will also help ourselves to become a better photographers in the process.

But, be patient.  It’s going to take a little bit of time for this blog to get up-to-speed.

Moving forward sometimes means that we take small steps. Small steps make us impatient. Remember that learning a new process takes time, especially to learn it well.

So, fasten your safety belts. Keep the kids off the streets. Hide your car keys under the sofa cushions. Ask lots of questions. Look things up on the internet. Keep an open mind.

But, most of all….Let’s Move Forward together!

Hopefully we will all have fun in the process.

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