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Boy, it sure would be nice if I could use my iPhone to scan documents and send them off to my: Lawyer, Real Estate agent, doctor, etc. Wouldn’t it??

Well, NOW I CAN with an App called Cam Scanner Free. After downloading the App from the iTunes App Store, I can then “scan” the document with my iPhone (or iPad 2 and up, iPod Touch Gen 4 and up). Enhance the document and save it. Then, email the image as a .PDF off to whoever needs it. It’s that simple.

This REALLY has made life easier. I used to: Place the document on my “Stand alone Scanner”. Make sure I had it in the right space on my scanner. Go to my computer and set the image quality I wanted. Scan the image. Then, save it to a file on my PC. Then, try and find the document image on my PC. Then, attach it to an email and send it.

With Cam Scanner, it’s an “All In One”. Scan, save, email. It takes just a few minutes. It will also allow you to scan multiple images and save them to one file. Then, send them off via email in one shot.

It’s AWESOME!! Take a look at my video and see how easy it is.

Inexpensive Podcasting Solution: Samson Go Mic Into BossJock Studio Podcast App for IOS iPad and iPhone.


You can have your own Podcasting Studio. Right in your own house!

Do you think it’s expensive to have the equipment to Podcast? Nope.

This is a truly AMAZING Podcasting App from the Apple App Store.

The App is called BossJock Studio. It allows you to make professional sounding Podcasts right from your iPad or iPhone. Just download the app to your Apple device, load a few songs to your “cart” and you’re off and running.

When used in conjunction with a portable microphone like the Samson Go Mic, you’ll be able to Podcast On-The-Road. No more excuses.

BossJock Studio App is an All-In-One High Quality, Inexpensive, Mobile Podcasting Solution for your iPad or iPhone. Just download the BossJock Studio App and you can Podcast from your device.

BossJock Studio App for IOS

Samson Go Mic

Apple Camera Connection Kit

Take your Show on the Road with the BossJock Studio Podcasting App!!
Totally mobile solution to Podcasting on the road.

How To Mirror or Record your iPhone or iPad Display Screen to your Desktop Computer Display Screen!!

This Quick Video Tutorial will allow you to Mirror or Record your iPhone Display Screen to your Desktop Computer Screen.

This is a GREAT ADDITION for Video Editors to be able to add this feature to their videos. Great for: Training, Showing Close-Ups of your iPhone Screen, etc.

The Software is called AirServer and is available as a download for Both PC and MAC.

This software is FREE for 7 Days (as of this post). After that, it costs $14.99 for a lifetime license.

It took a little bit of adjusting, as far as making sure I had all of the supporting software on my computer, to get it to work.

But now, it works just great!!

Add this to your Screen Casting software and you’ll have a great tool for getting your ideas across to others.

Learn How to EASILY Remove Hum, Hiss or Noise in Your Audio Recording Using FREE Audacity Editing Software!

Noise in Audio Recordings can be the difference between a Good Video or a Bad Video.

With this Quick Tutorial, you can learn a Secret to removing unwanted Noise in your Audio Recordings!

The Software used is called Audacity.

The Best Part: ┬áIT’S A FREE DOWNLOAD!!

I use this software quite often when I have too much background noise in my Videos.

Watch this Video….It’s not very long and won’t take much time at all.

Your Wallet will Thank You!!

Download this software for FREE from Cnet at:

Information about the Marshall MXL 007 USB Microphone that was used in this video:


How to: Shoot Great Video Using an iPhone and Upload to YouTube

Great YouTube Video Using an iPhone 4s



Shooting Great Video with an iPhone 4s Cell Phone for YouTube!!

WHAT?? You can shoot Great Video with an iPhone 4s and upload it to YouTube? And it looks okay?

Impossible!! I don’t believe it!!

Read on and see:

Well, we did just that in the above video (see link above).

In keeping with the personality of this site (to keep things simple and economical), we did just that. We posted our first YouTube video that was shot with an iPhone 4s Cell Phone. (The same could be done with an iPhone 5, too.)

An App called FiLMic Pro (installed on my iPhone) was used to capture the video. FiLMiC Pro is a great App that can give almost professional results. Check it out on the iTunes store. Also, Google it and read some reviews concerning it. It really works well. I think it’s around $4.99 at the time of this posting.

The only part of the video that wasn’t shot with the iPhone is the last portion of the video that shows our Website/Blog Homepage. That was captured with Camtasia Screencasting software.

This YouTube video is a Product Review of the Marshall MXL USB 007 Stereo Condenser Microphone. I personally use this microphone for doing videos and I really like it. It is a wonderfully made microphone that comes in a nice zippered case. It also includes a desktop stand, wind screen, cleaning cloth and a USB cable.

The only other items used in the making of this video were:

– 2 each “Clamp-On” lights with 100 Watt Compact fluorescent Bulbs (Cheap!)
– a Tri-Pod to keep the iPhone 4s steady
– Camtasia Editing Software

After I shot the video, the video clips were sent to my home email address using DropBox. DropBox is a great way to send large files over the internet. I also sync’d my iPhone to my home computer using iTunes and it added files directly to my DropBox account on my computer. That was a lot faster than sending them over the internet.

So, pretty good video quality can actually be done on a budget if you really try.

What Equipment Do I Need for Making Good Video?

Photo Equipment2

What Equipment Do I need For Making Good Video?

Have you ever heard this:

“I’m going to go out and buy a 24 Megapixel Digital SLR Camera from Blah, Blah, Blah that also takes High Definition Video. Then, I’m going to get the Lighting and Software and Blah, Blah, Blah. Then, I’ll have everything I need to take good video and make lots of money!”

Again, have you ever heard that? Have you ever said that? I have. I’ve said it. And, because of that I’ve wasted lots of money over the years “thinking” I needed all this stuff right away.

So, you could go out and spend lots of money and purchase all you need to start a Video business right away. And, MAYBE you’d make money…or, maybe you’d lose a bunch of money.

If you take a look at the attached picture in this post you’ll see all sorts of fun stuff to make good Video and Photographs:

A Digital SLR Camera capable of also taking High Definition Video, Zoom Lens, Speedlite Flash with Flash Diffuser installed, Speedlite Flash Controller, 3CCD Mini-DV Camcorder with On-Camera Shotgun Style Microphone, a small Soft Box, a Fluorescent Ring Light, USB Microphone, Apple iPhone, Rode SmartLav Microphone, 2 Adjustable Light Stands and Photo/ Video editing software with Screencast Editing software.

Do you need all this stuff? Maybe, if you wanted to open up a Photo/Video business. Then, you’d need all this stuff and more!

But, if you are just trying to get some good video to be able to edit it and share with family and friends, NOPE….don’t need it.

I say we can test the waters first. See what’s right for us and our budgets. Then, make a move on something reasonable.

The above picture was taken with an iPhone 4S with 3 off camera lights. One of the lights is a “clamp-on” light with a fluorescent bulb from Home Depot (or Lowes) for a whopping total of about $15.00 US. The 2nd light is a 24 X 24 Soft Box with 5 Fluorescent bulbs (that was more expensive than $15.00). The 3rd light is the Stellar Ring Light that you see shining in the picture (even more expensive).

Up until this point in my life, I have JUST used the inexpensive “Clamp-On” lights from Home Depot or Lowes for all my photo and video needs. I have 6 or 7 of them. They’ve served me well for many years.

Oh, and speaking of the iPhone 4S….I’ve taken pretty good video with it and edited it right on my phone with an App called iMovie. I can add: Sound effects, transitions, do Voice Dubbing, trim the clips, plop in photos and even bring in audio from a Lavalier Microphone attached to an iPod touch, email the file to myself and save it to my iPhone. Then, add it to the mix. The result is a pretty good video! In fact, if you go to YouTube and put in “Video Made from iPhone” or “Movie made with iPhone” you’ll see there are a bunch of people doing just that…Making almost professional looking video from their phones! Crazy, huh?

Since this is a blog for Beginners, I say we start out with the inexpensive equipment that most of us already have and learn how to really use it.

Then, when we’ve mastered that, we can move on to “Bigger and Better”.