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Greenscreen Chromakey Secrets with The Sony a6000 and Edit in Camtasia Studio 8

Can I put in a different background behind me when I video myself? How can I make my video look like I’m in a Studio when really I’m not? How do they put that Weather Map behind a meteorologist. Can I get a cheap Greenscreen and do it myself? How can I edit the Greenscreen/Chromakey video in Camtasia Studio 8 and make it look good?

Well, hopefully I can answer those questions in the following video called Greenscreen Chromakey Secrets with Sony a6000 and Edit in Camtasia.

Ever wondered if YOU could do Green Screening? Well, with this information, you’ll be on your way to understanding and implementing your own Green Screen Video!

This video goes into detail on the ins and outs of setting up a Green Screen, setting up some inexpensive lights to light the screen and how to Video it using the Sony a6000 Mirrorless Digital Camera.

Then, pull the video into Camtasia Studio 8 editing software and figure out how to “key” the video you made.

Some of the items used to make this video:
-Green Queen Sized Bed Sheet from a Discount Store
-Framework to hang the Green Sheet
-Cheap Clamps to hold the Green Screen tight
-Clamp-on Lights with inexpensive LED Light Bulbs (can also use Daylight balanced CFL bulbs)
-LED Flood light
-Octagon Softbox Light
-Lavalier Microphone plugged into my iPhone 6
-iPhone 6 with Griffin iTalk Pro App to record the Audio
-Automotive Windshield Reflector as a Cheap Reflector
-2 Tripods
-4 Light Stands
-Sony a6000 Mirrorless Digital Camera
-Camtasia Studio 8 Video Editing Software

With a little clever creativity, the lights and supports can be done with a small budget!

Learn How To Quickly Capture Great Audio with Your Smartphone Microphone and Edit it with Free Audacity Audio Software!

This Video Tutorial will Allow You to QUICKLY Capture GREAT AUDIO using your Smartphone Built-In Microphone and then Edit it in a FREE Audio Software called Audacity.

Then, you can add it to your favorite Video Editing software and Sync it to your Videos for YouTube or Blogs.

This Tutorial shows you Hands-On what App I used to capture audio on my iPhone 4s. Then, how I edited it in a FREE Software called Audacity.

Also briefly shown is the Screencasting software I used called Camtasia 8.

This Video goes along with our quest for not needing to have the Best, Most Expensive equipment to capture Great Audio for our Video Editing.

The iTalk Recorder App is availble, at this posting, for FREE on the iTunes Store. I recommend the iTalk Recorder PREMIUM. It does cost $1.99 at this posting, but it’s worth it as I state in the video.

Hope you enjoy this Quick Video Review and tutorial.


How to: Shoot Great Video Using an iPhone and Upload to YouTube

Great YouTube Video Using an iPhone 4s



Shooting Great Video with an iPhone 4s Cell Phone for YouTube!!

WHAT?? You can shoot Great Video with an iPhone 4s and upload it to YouTube? And it looks okay?

Impossible!! I don’t believe it!!

Read on and see:

Well, we did just that in the above video (see link above).

In keeping with the personality of this site (to keep things simple and economical), we did just that. We posted our first YouTube video that was shot with an iPhone 4s Cell Phone. (The same could be done with an iPhone 5, too.)

An App called FiLMic Pro (installed on my iPhone) was used to capture the video. FiLMiC Pro is a great App that can give almost professional results. Check it out on the iTunes store. Also, Google it and read some reviews concerning it. It really works well. I think it’s around $4.99 at the time of this posting.

The only part of the video that wasn’t shot with the iPhone is the last portion of the video that shows our Website/Blog Homepage. That was captured with Camtasia Screencasting software.

This YouTube video is a Product Review of the Marshall MXL USB 007 Stereo Condenser Microphone. I personally use this microphone for doing videos and I really like it. It is a wonderfully made microphone that comes in a nice zippered case. It also includes a desktop stand, wind screen, cleaning cloth and a USB cable.

The only other items used in the making of this video were:

– 2 each “Clamp-On” lights with 100 Watt Compact fluorescent Bulbs (Cheap!)
– a Tri-Pod to keep the iPhone 4s steady
– Camtasia Editing Software

After I shot the video, the video clips were sent to my home email address using DropBox. DropBox is a great way to send large files over the internet. I also sync’d my iPhone to my home computer using iTunes and it added files directly to my DropBox account on my computer. That was a lot faster than sending them over the internet.

So, pretty good video quality can actually be done on a budget if you really try.