Setting Goals

In life, we need to set goals.  Without goals not much gets done.  Very little will be accomplished.  I think most of us would agree with those words.

I believe that Goal Setting should be a school course and incorporated to our school’s curriculum.  Far too many kids (and adults, myself included) don’t really know how to set goals.  So, the results are:  poor performance, lack of motivation, letting things go, not following through, not scheduling important appointments, wondering why we can’t get things done like our friends/neighbors do, etc., etc.

Goal setting should be a little bit “fun” to do.  Like watching a good movie or reading a book.  The great thing about Goal Setting is that we can see results when we follow through.  Not only in getting a task finished, but in crossing it off of our list.

The problem lies in knowing how to set goals.

Goal setting should be set in several different time frames:

Daily Goals (Short Term Goals)
1) Morning Goals
2) Afternoon Goals
3) Evening Goals

Weekly Goals
1) Main Projects, Items to be done this week

Monthly Goals
1) What needs to get done this month  (an example would be: If you live in an area that snows, there are projects around the house that MUST be done in the fall before the snow arrives. Don’t be like me, who would wait until it started to snow before I would attach my snow plow to my truck!! “Wow, that snow totally caught me off guard.” DUH!!)

This Year’s Goals
— Usually planned out before the 1st of the year, with family input

3 Year Plan

5 Year Plan

You get the idea.

Goal Setting is different for each person’s personality.  But, it needs to be set so results can be accomplished.  If you are motivated by fun things, then don’t allow yourself to do that fun thing  until after you accomplish a short term task (like rewarding yourself to watch TV or eat that ice cream cone AFTER you’ve finished your task).

One thing that has worked for me:
I LOVE to check things off when I’ve completed a task or chore.  So, when I make my list for the day, I put a little “Check-off” box next to each task. That way I can put a big “Check Mark” in the box when I’ve finished each task. Some people just like to cross off the task and then write the word “Done” next to it.  Whatever works….Do it.

But, one word of advice from a person who spent the majority of his life procrastinating:  Don’t make your daily “Goal List” too long, or you might burn out.  That’s one of the major mistakes of Goal Setting: Trying to put too much on your list.

So, now that you are motivated…….

What are you going to work on today?


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