Set-Up I Used for Capturing Video with the iPhone 4s (in the Last Post).

Video Set Up Video Set UpA

Here is the setup I used for Capturing Video using the iPhone 4s for a Review of the Marshall MXL USB Microphone.  I then uploaded it for use on YouTube.

I used:

-2 each Clamp-On Lights using 100 Watt Compact Fluorescent Bulbs. I used Light Stands to hold the Lights in place.  (You could clamp them to something else close by if you don’t have Light Stands.  You don’t have to have Light Stands)

-The iPhone 4s is attached to a Tripod in the foreground of the picture.  I had a special mount that holds the iPhone to a tripod. They are very cheap. ( If you don’t have a way to mount the iPhone to a tripod, you could hold it in place by maybe  supporting  it on a table with books, etc.  Being creative helps you to stay in budget.)


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