It’s NOT about the Money or all the Stuff, Stupid!!

It’s NOT about the Money or all the Stuff, Stupid!!

Please don’t take offense to that sentence because it’s mainly aimed at myself.  You see, most of my life I’ve looked at things through a “dollars and cents” mentality:

“If I purchase that new cool thing, how much money do you think I can get for it if I try and sell it later?” Or: “I can always sell it if we can’t afford it.” Or: “I don’t think we should purchase that.  It’s too expensive.  How about if I get this cheaper item instead?” Or: “I’m really mad that I can’t buy that item because we really can’t afford it.” Or: “I really can’t start this project unless I have the BEST tool to work with.”

Notice how many times I used the word “I” in the last paragraph.  You’d think I was the King of ALL.   That was before I learned how to simplify.

Well, most real things (you know, things with REAL value) in life are NOT about the money.  Or about the Stuff.  Things like: Love, Friendships, Laughter, Looking at Nature, Good Health or Supporting Others by just being there for them.

Or, really learning one thing….and learning it really well before we move on to the next thing.

Face it, we are seeing, in our lifetime, a degradation of what is really valuable in life by the fastest slope downward ever seen.  We’ve forgotten our facts.  We’ve let slip through our hands the beauty of life: It’s NOT ABOUT US!! It’s Not about amassing a bunch of stuff so we can feel good about ourselves.  It’s about using what we already have.  Not what we “could do” if we had better stuff.

Think back to someone that you respected.  Not because they had amassed a bunch of stuff, but because they were able to do things without all the stuff. They had learned to simplify.  Some people are able to simplify because they know that they don’t have to have “all the best equipment” to make things happen.  Or, maybe they had to simplify and be creative because of a lack of funds. Either way, they did it without all the Stuff.

This simple idea has been poking at me for some time now.  I think that’s why I really like the idea of writing for this blog.  You know, about doing things simply….without spending a bunch of money on Video Equipment that we don’t really need.  It’s NOT about how much stuff we have.  It’s about using the stuff we already have and using it well.

I remember an interview with a decorated Marine Corps sniper.  He had just come back from one of his tours of duty.

The interviewer asked him: “How many weapons do you use when you’re in battle?”

To which he answered: “Only one.”

The interviewer asked: “Why only one weapon?”

He answered: “If you have too many weapons you won’t get to know one of them really well.  Oh sure, you might learn a little bit about each of them, but you’ll never REALLY get to know one of them in-and-out.  By knowing one weapon well, when you’re under pressure you won’t have to think about what to do.”

HOW COOL of an answer is that?

So, let’s get to the business of learning and using the Video Equipment we already have.  Learn all we can about our equipment and practice with it over and over, until we know it in-and-out.

Only then can we make a good decision on whether to move on to something bigger and better.

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