Easily Add Voice and Music Audio to your WordPress Blog or Website using BossJock Studio

Hello. I just wanted to post an Audio file (above), of me talking, to let you know that it’s possible to easily make and upload this type of file to your Blog Site!

You can add a Voice Audio with a Music file background with very little effort. I used the BossJock Studio App on my iPad and then uploaded it here to my Blog Site.

Once I recorded the file, I exported it through the BossJock App to my email address.

The original file size was 8.47MB. But, after the BossJock App Compressed it to MP3, it was only 522KB!

It easily was sent to my email address.

Once I received the file in my email inbox, I downloaded it to my desktop and then uploaded it to this posting!

Easy as that!!!

Listen to the Audio file (above) and then scroll down to my October 2nd and 3rd 2013 postings to see how easy it is to capture this type of file.


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