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A Wireless Rode VideoMic Pro Shotgun Microphone? Look!

Is there such a thing as a Wireless Rode VideoMic Pro? If there isn’t, there should be. This Video show a Secret Item to make the Fantastic Rode VideoMic a Wireless Microphone!!

Rode makes some the the finest microphones is the business. The Rode VidoMic Pro is a Very Light and Portable Shotgun Microphone that is attached to a Digital SLR for Run and Gun videography.

Some of the items used in the video:

-Rode VideoMic Pro:

-Sony ECM-AW4 Bluetooth Wireless Microphone:

-Canon 60D Digital SLR Camera: (updated to the Canon 70D Camera:
or the Canon 80D Camera:

-Joby GorrilaPod Focus Flexible Tripod:

-Joby BallHead X Mount:

-Shure MVL Lavalier Microphone:

-TRRS Female to Dual TRS Adapter Cable:

-Cold Shoe to Light Stand Adapter:

-Camtasia 8 Studio, Video Editing Software: (updated Camtasia Studio 9)

7 Tips For Great iPhone Video and Audio For YouTube and More!

Want to record Great Video and Audio to Upload to YouTube?? Do you have an iPhone?

Well, you’re in luck!

This New Video, “7 Tips For Great iPhone Video and Audio For YouTube and More” will help you record Great Video for YouTube.

These 7 Simple but effective Tips will help you understand the Process of recording Great Video on your iPhone.

This Video Tutorial will give an iPhone user a better understanding on how to get GREAT VIDEO and AUDIO on their iPhone.

7 GREAT TIPS to unlock the Awesome Potential of the iPhone for making Great Video!

Hardware used:
– iPhone 6
– iPhone 4s
– Shotgun Mic
– iRig Pre
– XLR Cable
– MiniSuit Cell Phone Holder
– Tripod
– Lighting, 3 Light Set-Up
– 18 % Grey Card

Software used:
– Camtasia Studio 8.0 by Techsmith

Awesome Audio With An Inexpensive Shotgun Microphone For Your iPhone, Android or DSLR. The HTDZ HT-81 or Neewer 14.37″ Inch Mic

OK. You Bought an iPhone or an Android Cell Phone, or a nice Digital SLR to be able to shoot video for YouTube. You practice shooting video and get pretty good at it.

After you import it into your favorite Video Editing Software, you realize that the AUDIO portion STINKS!!! It sounds “tinny” or distant or non-professional. What do you do? You can’t afford an expensive microphone, so do you resort to mediocre audio by relying on the iPhone’s or Android’s “on board” mic?


You get yourself a Cheap Shotgun Microphone that has GREAT Audio capabilities!!

I’m talking about the HTDZ HT-81 or Neewer 14.37″ Inch Shotgun Condenser Microphone!

The following video will show how to get GREAT Audio for not much money. (I know that “not much money” is a relative term, so please take a look at my newest video and I’ll explain it in detail.)

This microphone was the answer for me when it comes to being on a budget. It has Great Sound, is relatively inexpensive, and is easy to use.

This video will show how to setup This Shotgun Microphone for your Smartphone, Digital SLR and also for the Canon Mirrorless EOS M Camera.

Some of the Items Used in This Video:

-HTDZ HT-81 Shotgun Microphone
-iRig Pre Preamp, by IK Multimedia
– XLR Cable
-TRRS 1/8 Inch Female to Twin 1/8″ Male Cable
-iPhone 6 and 4S Cell Phones
-Canon EOS M Camera

CamRanger Wireless Remote Control for Canon and Nikon DSLR Camera for iPad, iPhone, Android

Would you like to be able to remotely control your Digital SLR by using your iPad or iPhone? I did, too. So, I bought this CamRanger Wireless Remote Control.

WOW!!! It really does what it says it will. I can NOW remotely control my Canon DSLR by using my iPad or iPhone (Or, my PC!)

And, not only does it control the Shutter, but also: Shutter Speed, ISO, F/Stop, Tap to Focus and MORE!!

It sets up it’s own Wireless Network that you can connect the Camera (using a cable) and the Device (iPad, iPhone, Android, iPod, PC or Mac) Wirelessly!!

Take a look and see what you think.

Check out CamRanger on their Website:

Easily Add Voice and Music Audio to your WordPress Blog or Website using BossJock Studio

Hello. I just wanted to post an Audio file (above), of me talking, to let you know that it’s possible to easily make and upload this type of file to your Blog Site!

You can add a Voice Audio with a Music file background with very little effort. I used the BossJock Studio App on my iPad and then uploaded it here to my Blog Site.

Once I recorded the file, I exported it through the BossJock App to my email address.

The original file size was 8.47MB. But, after the BossJock App Compressed it to MP3, it was only 522KB!

It easily was sent to my email address.

Once I received the file in my email inbox, I downloaded it to my desktop and then uploaded it to this posting!

Easy as that!!!

Listen to the Audio file (above) and then scroll down to my October 2nd and 3rd 2013 postings to see how easy it is to capture this type of file.




Massive and Professional.

That’s what the Blue Yeti USB Microphone is, Massive and Professional. It’s the Perfect Companion for doing Pod-casting, Voice Over work or making videos for YouTube!

With 4 Patterns: Stereo, Omni-Directional, Cardioid and Bi-Directional, this Mic is Just what the Doctor Ordered.

It has 2 Controls on the Front: Headset Volume and Muting. 2 Controls on the back: Gain Dial and Pattern Switch Selector. On the Bottom it has and USB Connection and a Headset Connection. The Headset connection allows you to listen, in REAL TIME, exactly what you are saying into the microphone. Without Echo (Zero Latency). WOW!!

And, the PRICE is right, Too!!

Take a look at this Video and see if this Microphone is a good buy!


Learn How To Quickly Capture Great Audio with Your Smartphone Microphone and Edit it with Free Audacity Audio Software!

This Video Tutorial will Allow You to QUICKLY Capture GREAT AUDIO using your Smartphone Built-In Microphone and then Edit it in a FREE Audio Software called Audacity.

Then, you can add it to your favorite Video Editing software and Sync it to your Videos for YouTube or Blogs.

This Tutorial shows you Hands-On what App I used to capture audio on my iPhone 4s. Then, how I edited it in a FREE Software called Audacity.

Also briefly shown is the Screencasting software I used called Camtasia 8.

This Video goes along with our quest for not needing to have the Best, Most Expensive equipment to capture Great Audio for our Video Editing.

The iTalk Recorder App is availble, at this posting, for FREE on the iTunes Store. I recommend the iTalk Recorder PREMIUM. It does cost $1.99 at this posting, but it’s worth it as I state in the video.

Hope you enjoy this Quick Video Review and tutorial.