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Video Settings Tutorial For Great Video On The Canon EOS M Mirrorless DSLR Camera

This is a GREAT Video Tutorial that cuts through all the mysteries to setting up the Canon EOS M Mirrorless DSLR Camera for Great Video Capture!
Don’t Get Discouraged!
With This Video, You can NOW capture Great Video on your Canon EOS M.

How to select and change the important Settings on the camera:
How to shoot.
Settings for using your Tripod.
Shooting in Manual Mode.
Aperture. Shutter Speed. The 180 Degree Shutter Rule.
Selecting the Picture Style. Recording Format. ISO.
White Balance. Manual Focus. Optical Image Stabilization.

What settings are important to get Great Video.

And more!

Speed Up your Video Project with a Shot List or Project List

Do you find yourself procrastinating your next video project because it seems overwhelming? Trying to organize your video is a bit time consuming, especially if you don’t use some sort of organization in your project.

Well, why not try a simple Shot List or Project list?

A Shot List helps you to be efficient, when it comes to shooting different parts of your video at the same time. So, instead of shooting Part I in your video then Part II and Part III and so on, you can sometimes combine several of the shots at the same time. Then, split them up in Post Processing.

There are many examples of a Shot List on the internet. This video is just an example of how I use a simple Shot List or Project List to keep me organized.

Secret Settings to Remove Hiss When Using the Rode SmartLav Microphone with The RodeRec App

If you’ve ever used a poor microphone you’ve probably noticed that it will have a HISS during the part where the speaking has stopped. Even though the Rode SmartLav Microphone is an awesome, convenient Lavalier Mic, it too can suffer from Hiss.

Now, by using the Secret Settings shown in this video, you can minimize that HISS sound. These settings will need to be changed in the RodeRec App.

When coupled with Audacity (a FREE Audio Software) Hiss can be almost completely eliminated!!!

Great Microphone The Rode SmartLav Lavalier Mic for Wonderful Audio in Videos!!

Ever wonder how some videos have GREAT audio and others do not? I used to.

Do you want to start having Great Audio for your videos? Well, keep reading because I think you’ll like this:

It’s sometimes hard to wade through the over abundance of information on the web to know what is a decent microphone and what isn’t.

Well, I’ve found a microphone that won’t “Break the Bank”, is easy to use and sounds Great!!

It’s called the Rode SmartLav. It plugs into your iPhone, iPod or iPad and clips onto your shirt. It uses an App called the RodeRec App to record your audio.

It will also work with Android devices, but you’ll have to use another Audio App for the Android device, as the RodeRec App won’t work with Android…Yet. But, most audio Apps for Android will work with the Rode SmartLav.

Take a look at this video and see what I mean.

Pretty soon you’ll have Great Audio to go with your Great Video, too!!

Some of the equipment used in this video:

-Canon 60D DSLR
-Rode SmartLav Microphone
-RodeRec App
-Camtasia 8 Video/Screencast software
-2 Softboxes with 5 each 65 watt Compact Fluorescent Bulbs
-CF Back Light
-Black Screen in the background
-Fluorescent Ring Light
-Tripod for DSLR
-Apple iPhone 4 and 4S Smartphones
-Audio Technica ATR3350 Corded Lav Mic
-Audio Technica ATR2100 Desktop USB Mic
-Dropbox (to transfer files)

CamRanger Wireless Remote Control for Canon and Nikon DSLR Camera for iPad, iPhone, Android

Would you like to be able to remotely control your Digital SLR by using your iPad or iPhone? I did, too. So, I bought this CamRanger Wireless Remote Control.

WOW!!! It really does what it says it will. I can NOW remotely control my Canon DSLR by using my iPad or iPhone (Or, my PC!)

And, not only does it control the Shutter, but also: Shutter Speed, ISO, F/Stop, Tap to Focus and MORE!!

It sets up it’s own Wireless Network that you can connect the Camera (using a cable) and the Device (iPad, iPhone, Android, iPod, PC or Mac) Wirelessly!!

Take a look and see what you think.

Check out CamRanger on their Website:

Easily Add Voice and Music Audio to your WordPress Blog or Website using BossJock Studio

Hello. I just wanted to post an Audio file (above), of me talking, to let you know that it’s possible to easily make and upload this type of file to your Blog Site!

You can add a Voice Audio with a Music file background with very little effort. I used the BossJock Studio App on my iPad and then uploaded it here to my Blog Site.

Once I recorded the file, I exported it through the BossJock App to my email address.

The original file size was 8.47MB. But, after the BossJock App Compressed it to MP3, it was only 522KB!

It easily was sent to my email address.

Once I received the file in my email inbox, I downloaded it to my desktop and then uploaded it to this posting!

Easy as that!!!

Listen to the Audio file (above) and then scroll down to my October 2nd and 3rd 2013 postings to see how easy it is to capture this type of file.


Podcast Cheaply from Home or Apartment with Audio-Technica ATR2100 Microphone into BossJock Studio IOS App and iPad 2

Podcasting from your Home or Apartment with BossJock Studio IOS App and the Audio-Technica ATR2100 Cardioid Dynamic Microphone!

It’s really amazing what you can do for a little bit of money, compared to a few years ago.

Who ever thought that you could Podcast from your house without Thousands of $$$ Dollars worth of equipment.


For as little as $10.00 (and an iPad or iPhone) You’ll be Podcasting like no tomorrow!! For as little as $100.00 You’ll also be able to use a High Quality Microphone that plugs right into your iPad or iPhone.

Take a look at this video (below) and see how it’s done.

Inexpensive Podcasting Solution: Samson Go Mic Into BossJock Studio Podcast App for IOS iPad and iPhone.


You can have your own Podcasting Studio. Right in your own house!

Do you think it’s expensive to have the equipment to Podcast? Nope.

This is a truly AMAZING Podcasting App from the Apple App Store.

The App is called BossJock Studio. It allows you to make professional sounding Podcasts right from your iPad or iPhone. Just download the app to your Apple device, load a few songs to your “cart” and you’re off and running.

When used in conjunction with a portable microphone like the Samson Go Mic, you’ll be able to Podcast On-The-Road. No more excuses.

BossJock Studio App is an All-In-One High Quality, Inexpensive, Mobile Podcasting Solution for your iPad or iPhone. Just download the BossJock Studio App and you can Podcast from your device.

BossJock Studio App for IOS

Samson Go Mic

Apple Camera Connection Kit

Take your Show on the Road with the BossJock Studio Podcasting App!!
Totally mobile solution to Podcasting on the road.

How To Mirror or Record your iPhone or iPad Display Screen to your Desktop Computer Display Screen!!

This Quick Video Tutorial will allow you to Mirror or Record your iPhone Display Screen to your Desktop Computer Screen.

This is a GREAT ADDITION for Video Editors to be able to add this feature to their videos. Great for: Training, Showing Close-Ups of your iPhone Screen, etc.

The Software is called AirServer and is available as a download for Both PC and MAC.

This software is FREE for 7 Days (as of this post). After that, it costs $14.99 for a lifetime license.

It took a little bit of adjusting, as far as making sure I had all of the supporting software on my computer, to get it to work.

But now, it works just great!!

Add this to your Screen Casting software and you’ll have a great tool for getting your ideas across to others.

It’s NOT about the Money or all the Stuff, Stupid!!

It’s NOT about the Money or all the Stuff, Stupid!!

Please don’t take offense to that sentence because it’s mainly aimed at myself.  You see, most of my life I’ve looked at things through a “dollars and cents” mentality:

“If I purchase that new cool thing, how much money do you think I can get for it if I try and sell it later?” Or: “I can always sell it if we can’t afford it.” Or: “I don’t think we should purchase that.  It’s too expensive.  How about if I get this cheaper item instead?” Or: “I’m really mad that I can’t buy that item because we really can’t afford it.” Or: “I really can’t start this project unless I have the BEST tool to work with.”

Notice how many times I used the word “I” in the last paragraph.  You’d think I was the King of ALL.   That was before I learned how to simplify.

Well, most real things (you know, things with REAL value) in life are NOT about the money.  Or about the Stuff.  Things like: Love, Friendships, Laughter, Looking at Nature, Good Health or Supporting Others by just being there for them.

Or, really learning one thing….and learning it really well before we move on to the next thing.

Face it, we are seeing, in our lifetime, a degradation of what is really valuable in life by the fastest slope downward ever seen.  We’ve forgotten our facts.  We’ve let slip through our hands the beauty of life: It’s NOT ABOUT US!! It’s Not about amassing a bunch of stuff so we can feel good about ourselves.  It’s about using what we already have.  Not what we “could do” if we had better stuff.

Think back to someone that you respected.  Not because they had amassed a bunch of stuff, but because they were able to do things without all the stuff. They had learned to simplify.  Some people are able to simplify because they know that they don’t have to have “all the best equipment” to make things happen.  Or, maybe they had to simplify and be creative because of a lack of funds. Either way, they did it without all the Stuff.

This simple idea has been poking at me for some time now.  I think that’s why I really like the idea of writing for this blog.  You know, about doing things simply….without spending a bunch of money on Video Equipment that we don’t really need.  It’s NOT about how much stuff we have.  It’s about using the stuff we already have and using it well.

I remember an interview with a decorated Marine Corps sniper.  He had just come back from one of his tours of duty.

The interviewer asked him: “How many weapons do you use when you’re in battle?”

To which he answered: “Only one.”

The interviewer asked: “Why only one weapon?”

He answered: “If you have too many weapons you won’t get to know one of them really well.  Oh sure, you might learn a little bit about each of them, but you’ll never REALLY get to know one of them in-and-out.  By knowing one weapon well, when you’re under pressure you won’t have to think about what to do.”

HOW COOL of an answer is that?

So, let’s get to the business of learning and using the Video Equipment we already have.  Learn all we can about our equipment and practice with it over and over, until we know it in-and-out.

Only then can we make a good decision on whether to move on to something bigger and better.